Trusted Advisers to iconic
developments around the world

Trusted Advisers to iconic
developments around the world

Trusted Advisers to iconic
developments around the world


Occam Advisers offer strategic guidance to the property sector, bringing together experts from across the globe to deliver inspiring, bespoke solutions.

Combining deep knowledge and experience in sales and marketing strategy for international developers, government bodies and private funds, we are trusted advisers to the world’s most iconic landmarks.

Occam Advisers are a boutique agency with offices in London and Dubai. We support clients through the full project lifecycle from master planning and positioning through to brand development, sales and marketing strategy, recruitment and mentoring of the project team and oversight of the project launch.

Our name and our approach reflect the philosophy of Occam’s Razor – the best solution to any problem is often the simplest. As trusted advisers to our clients, we offer practical advice and guidance, delivering real world solutions that work. We believe that unnecessary complexity is, well, unnecessary.


We support clients through the full project lifecycle of the development from conception to launch to ongoing destination marketing.

Every engagement is personally led by one of the Founding Partners and we work as an integral part of our client’s leadership suite. Our in-house team focus on leveraging their deep expertise in strategic planning and guidance, providing an integrated service where needed to ensure that sales and marketing are fully aligned.

We work with a network of industry experts to implement strategy and plans, ranging from creative services to digital marketing to media campaigns, PR, and event planning. We can offer these services directly as part of the Occam team to provide you with a single point of contact or work with your procurement team to shortlist appropriate agencies, write RFP and provide technical expertise to evaluate and manage suppliers once appointed.

We also work with subject matter experts across all aspects of a mixed-use development from golf to marina to equestrian consultancy, through to estate management advisery services.

Our services include

  • Strategic real estate advice

  • Master planning guidance

  • Sales advisery services

  • Sales implementation services

  • Brand creation and development

  • Marketing advisery services

  • Sales and marketing strategy development

  • Marketing implementation services

  • Launch campaigns – oversite and delivery

  • Outsourced sales and marketing capability

  • Placemaking and destination marketing

  • Recruitment and mentoring

    Leadership Team

    OCCAM is a collaboration between three recognised experts within the property sector who came together in 2022 to form a new type of advisery service to the industry.

    Victoria Frost, FCIM


    A marketing expert within the property sector, Victoria has worked across residential, hospitality and commercial projects, with a particular focus on mixed-use developments. During a global career spanning the UK, Europe, Middle East and Asia, Victoria has worked across all stages of the product life cycle from brand creation and investor relations to the launch of the development and on-going destination marketing.

    As Head of Marketing for the London Development Agency, the government body responsible for the urban regeneration of London, Victoria oversaw a portfolio of high-profile projects and has since held senior leadership positions with developers across the Middle East and Asia including MKM Holdings, owned by H.H. Sheikh Mana Bin Khalifa Al Maktoum, and Soneva Resorts and Residences, a world leader in the development and operation of sustainable meta-luxury resorts and residential real estate.

    As Managing Director for Sectorlight,
    Victoria led work for prestigious projects including Diriyah Gate, The Red Sea, Development Company, Dubai Holdings, Ellinikon, Bloom Properties and AGI (Azerbaijan Global Investments).

    Hugo Thistlethwayte MBA


    Hugo is an expert in the global residential market and has advised private, corporate and Fund Management clients.

    Prior to co-founding Occam and his Global Role at Savills, he worked in Central London and the UK prime country market, selling residential developments, and acting on some of the most significant Central London houses, apartments and private estates.

    One of the founding members of Prime Purchase, Savills advisory arm for retained clients, Hugo was Managing Director from 2010-2015. As Head of International Residential in 2015 and Head of Operations for Global Residential in 2018, Hugo was responsible for the development of Savills global residential strategy and day-to-day business oversight, working closely with the residential network and international development clients and projects.

    During his lengthy career, Hugo has gained a unique ‘helicopter view’ of key residential markets across the globe. This experience has enabled him to develop an unparalleled understanding of key financial trends, individual market rules of engagement and flows of wealth from one area to the next.

    Rod Taylor


    Rod Taylor is an international executive with over 26 years’ experience within the UK, Middle East, Far East and Europe. Rod has a proven record of bringing external investment & related business opportunities to various projects. His ability to bring product to market at the right time is a key strength.

    With dynamic expertise across Project Management, Sales and Marketing. Rod’s expertise and holistic approach has led to increased profits across all related development business streams.

    Rod has been working since 2009 in the Private Office/ Family Office function. Firstly, with the Oman Royal Family and subsequently as Managing Director of the Private Office for Soneva Group. Rod rejoined Savills in March 2016 to take up the Global Head of development sales for the international team.

    Until recently Rod was the Executive Director and Head of Residential for Neom, Saudi Arabia. He joined Occam Advisers as a Partner in 2023.


    Grow With Us

    The key to everything we do is the people we work with.

    We are a fresh and rapidly growing organisation and can offer our partners and employees the chance to be part of an outstanding team working on iconic projects around the world.

    If you feel you or your company can offer the same level of passion and expertise, please get in touch and let’s talk!